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I initially called VCHC some years ago, for an emergency visit for severe muscle spasms in my back ( I had been seeing another chiropractor at the time for the underlying problem, an old whip-lash injury to my neck, but that office could not schedule me for an impromptu visit) and was given an immediate appointment. The treatment that VCHC provided not only greatly alleviated my back spasms on the first visit, but also led to a noticeable improvement in my neck- evident in a lessening of my pain from this old injury and in a slight increase in my mobility. The treatment I received in the follow-up appointments for the problems with my neck and back has appreciably and permanently reduced both the symptoms of my neck injury and the frequency of my back spasms.

I continue to use VCHC for a number of reasons:

First, as I indicated above, my inital visits resulted in significant improvements in pain and functionality. These were improvements that brought me to a state of wellbeing that I had not experienced for many years.

Second, I am physically active and sometimes injure myself through carelessness, for instance, once spraining my ankle, once severely twisting my leg, and once breaking three ribs. In each of these mishaps, the therapy given me resulted in improvement, particularly in the lessening of pain, that went well beyond what I expected would be possible, and ultimately, in a complete cure. Also, in addition to seeking help for these specific injuries, I have found regular visits throughout the years to manage general muscular complains, such as rotator cuff and shoulder problems, to be very beneficial.

Third, I have immense confidence in the professionalism of Dr. Puzio and Dr. Garcia. Thier knowledge and understanding of physiology is clearly comprehensive, and their methods of treatment are never merely routine, but are specifically tailored to both my condition and my tolerance for the procedures used, as is clear to me by the wonderful results I have had. Also important to me, they continue to be intensely interested in new information relevant to their profession and wiling to incorporate this information into their practice.

Last of the reasons I do and will continue to use VCHC is that the office itself an extraordinarily pleasant place to visit. Every staff member is kind, personable, helpful, capable, and attentive.

I have referred numerous of friends and family members, including my 8 and 12 year-old grandchildren, to VCHC. They all have reported that they were helped by the treatment they received. Some of them, including my grandchildren, continue to receive therapy on a regular basis.

-Ellen H 02/13/12

My physical therapist said, " If you're determinied to go to a chiropractor, go to the best, Dr. Stephen Puzio" - Bernice L

VCHC was highly recommended to me by a long-time patient who had been to other chiropractic offices for treatment but only found relief from his pain through the techniques and therapy used by VCHC- Coleman H

Because of their attitude toward helping their patients, and because they did more to help me heal than other chiropractors, like ultrasound etc. -Howard M

This office treats problems with ultrasound, moist heat and electrical stimulation in additon to adjusting your spine. Other chiropractors just do adjustments. -Meredith W

My family doctor referred me to Dr. Carmen after a car accident- for back pain and neck

I'm pregnant and another pregnant woman told me about her great experience. -Meghan T

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