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Sandy W.

Dr. Puzio and staff are professional, courteous and genuinely care about the patient. I've been coming here for many years because of back/neck issues and the occasional 'oops' injury. Dr. Puzio always takes as much time as needed, I never feel rushed. His treatment has kept me off meds, out of surgery and pain free! If you are looking for a reputable facility, I highly recommend Valley Chiropractic! Thank you Dr. Puzio!!!!

Courtney C.

Dr. Puzio has treated my chronic back pain due to SI dysfunction and has helped me tremendously. Thanks to him I now have pain free days and I am so grateful. He is a great chiropractor and I would highly recommend him!

Cathy R.

Dr Steve and team have been very helpful and knowledgeable with whatever issues I have brought to them. They also use heat packs, ultrasound and electric stim and/or ice to make their treatments very complete. The office staff are very helpful and caring. This is why I have used Valley Chiropractic for over 15 years.

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